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I'm looking to undertake a post graduate qualification in HR Managament and I was hoping for some advice about the choices and options available.

I did the Certficate in Personnel Practice back in 2009 and this year, I will have had 10 years professional experience in HR. I am currently employed in a generalist HR role with a third sector organisation and, although the areas of employment law and employee relations interest me most, I am looking for a broad-based course which will compliment the diversity of issues I face in my current role and give me a good range of expertise to develop and move forward into HR Management.

 The main concerns (as always) are time and cost. I will have to remain in full time employment  whilst studying, although my employer will allow me to work flexibly where possible.  They have also offered to part-fund the course but I will be under pressure to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

 Does anyone have any recommendations or advice ? I'd be particularly interested to hear if anyone had any experiences of distance learning to share.



  • James

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    27 Feb, 2013 13:11

    Where are you based Andrew? Might help other to give specific advice on what is offered near you as opposed to the distance learning route.
  • I'm based in Yorkshire.



  • Dawn Ward

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    27 Feb, 2013 16:29

    Hi Andrew

    I have just begun distance learning for my Advanced Diploma in HRM and am doing it via felxible learning with MOL.

     I have only just begun so cannot give a great amount of deatil in relation to the course etc however so far it seems to be a really good way of working full time but managing to study too.

     We have been given workbooks to work through and a detailed module map which explains what we should be achieveing at each stage.

    So far I am really impressed. There is quite a bit of information on CIPD website about this and the admin team are great at answering and queries you might have.

     There are also lots of different venues available. I am based in Yorkshire too and at the moment am travelling to Birmingham, however there are usually courses in Leeds and Manchester too which are closer.

    I hope this helps.


  • Hi Dawn

    Thanks very much for the advice. The flexible learning option looks like it'll be ideal and course-wise there seems to be quite a few suitable options.

    Just need to look at costs and timescales now.

     Good luck with your course.


  • Dawn Ward

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    1 Mar, 2013 14:15

    Thanks Andrew.

     Good luck to you too

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