Case studies needed - line managers and engagement

Hi everyone

I'm completing my IBI module and would like to ask
for your help with finding organisations I can use as case studies.

To summarise my research:

· My organisation, Crisis, is a voluntary sector organisation that is
growing and opening centres in new geographical locations under a new 5 year
strategic plan. It is therefore moving into a new stage of its life cycle

· Engagement levels are currently good, likely to be due to the fact that
employees are engaged with the purpose of the organisation and passionate about
their participation in ending homelessness

· There have however been more employee relations issues raised to HR and
grievances in the last six months, the topics of which indicate that managers
may be unskilled and there is inconsistency of approach between locations

· The CIPD’s Shaping the Future Research concludes that for sustainable
organisational performance, line managers play a crucial role in achieving high
engagement levels

· I am proposing that for Crisis to have a long term sustainable success
as it develops in its life cycle, line managers will play a crucial role in
maintaining the current engagement levels

· My research therefore takes this hypothesis and will look to either
prove or disprove that there should be a focus on line managers and how they
can support sustainable engagement, despite the fact that engagement levels are
currently good

What I was wondering is whether anyone has
experience that could be relevant to my research and would be willing for me to
interview them or use their organisation as a case study please.

Some ideas would be if you:

Work in an organisation that is growing (say from small to medium) that
has focussed on the role of line managers in that growth

Work in an organisation that had poor engagement levels due to growth
and how this is being addressed

Work in an organisation that grew or expanded into new areas and so
needed to address inconsistency of approach and prevent silos from occurring,
particularly if the solution was through the use of line managers

Work in a larger organisation that understands the role that line
managers play in supporting engagement and has initiatives in place to support

Have any relevant experience relating to the research from the not for
profit sector specifically

I really appreciate you taking the time to read
through all of this and would be so grateful if you think you could offer some

I’d also be more than willing to offer some time in
return to take part in other people's research if I can offer anything that
fits within the topic.


Many thanks


  • Hi Danielle, welcome to the Communities and good luck with your studies.  Whilst you wait for replies you may like to check the past winners for People Management and Personnel Today awards as there may be some case studies to link with your requirements.  Worth a stab.  :-)
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