Last Minute Studying! 7LMP

Hi - I am taking my 7LMP exam at the end of May (Leading, Managing & Developing People).  For various reasons I have not been studying over the last 5 months - I had a major op then got promoted at work so recent events have taken over!).  I have, however, decided to take the exam on 31st May and hope I am not being too optimisitc.  I cover a lot of the subject matter at work which I think will help.

I need to now focus on this module and have 2 preparation workshops to attend plus I  have booked out 7 days study leave prior to the exam week.  I have a module from my distance learning provider to work my way through but was wondering if anyone - who has taken the exam - can give me a clear programme of what to revise/focus on as I have minimum time - I just want to pass!

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated




  • Hi Tracey - I havent any advice as I am studying for the exam myself in May but thought I might write and offer morale support. 

    Hope the revision is going well for you.



  • Tess

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    16 Feb, 2017 22:40

    Hey Tracey, I know it's been a long time since you wrote this post. I just wondered how you got on with this exam?

    I'm prepping now for my May LMP exam. I failed my first exam which really knocked my confidence.

    Any help advice guidance would be sooooo gratefully received.

    Thank you
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