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Hi There,


I completed the Certificate in Human Resource  Practice around 2 years ago and I am very keen to continue my studies. I was advised that the new CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Degree would be the natural next step for me so my manager booked me onto a distance learning course through DPG. You are required to go to Glasgow once a month as part of the course for a classroom session. I was meant to start in March however I have now been advised by DPG that the course is not running until November due to lack of numbers.  I don't want to wait this long as I am really keen to progress. I am also starting to worry that this new course isn't recognised as a lot of people I speak to haven't' heard of it. My manager and colleagues have all done the Certificate then progressed straight onto the advanced Diploma. 

 I believe the reason the CIPD introduced the Level 5 was because students felt that it was too much of a jump between the Cert to the advanced. Is it possible to progress from the Certificate to the Advanced Diploma? I don't have another Degree but I do have HR experience and I am very committed to my own personal development.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated as I'm struggling to decide which route I should take next. My employer are very keen to support me but I want to choose the correct qualification. 

  • Liz

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    25 Mar, 2013 15:36

    Hi Pamela

    The way I see the CIPD course/qualification set-up is much like you describe:

    CHP/CRP = Level 3

    Intermediate diploma in HRM/HRD = Level 5

    Advanced diploma in HRM/HRD = Level 7

    I started studying under the old system of Cert in Personnel Practice and if you didn't have a degree already, you had to undertake a Bridging Course (ran throughout the summer) to bring your knowledge and skills to the required level to start the PDS system as it was. So what I can see now is it's easier to go from Level 3 to Level 7 because the Level 5 qualification is now in place and accredited by the CIPD.

    I would suggest that if you don't already have a degree, the Level 5 qualification is the right step to make. The only way to find out if you could jump straight to a Level 7 qual would be to ask the qual provider if they'll be able to offer it to you.

    Is it worth seeing if there is another provider that can offer you the Level 5 qual instead?


  • Monica

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    27 Mar, 2013 16:09

    Hi Pamela,

    I also completed the Cert in HR Practice, and have moved straight onto the Level 7 course, which I am in the first year of.  

    As Liz suggests, I think the gap between the level 3 and 7 courses will be wider if you haven't already got a degree in any subject (QCF level 3 is like A-level standard, and 7 is postgraduate/Masters standard).

    Have you decided how you would like to learn - part time, distance, etc.?


  • Hi Pamela,

    After completing the Certificate in Personnel Practice, I went on to complete an accredited MSc in HRM (level 7).  Like you I didn't have any other degree and, whilst it was undeniably hard work, I found my HR experience invaluable in filling the gap between it and the level 3 certificate.

    Good luck with whatever option you choose!



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