Intermediate of Advanced Qualification


I completed my CPP a few years ago and I would like to continue my study to become fully CIPD qualified. However I am not quite sure which course is the next step for me.

I have been working in HR for 6 years and am an associate member of the CIPD.

 I called the CIPD and they said it was up to me whether i decided to do the intermediate or go straight onto the advance course.

Can anyone offer any advice on this?

Many thanks


  • Hi Claire,

    I completed the CPP in 2010 and started the Advanced Diploma in HRM in September 2011, I've just completed my last piece of work.  From my own experience this was not too much of a step up and I would recommend it over the Intermediate level, especially if you have already completed the CPP and also have 6 years experience. There are some people on my course who have just come straight out of University with no HR experience and although a challenge, I think they have found it useful and of more relevance to what they're doing providing a good stepping stone on the career ladder.

    Hope this helps.

    Beth :)

  • Freya

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    1 May, 2013 12:40

    I would go for the advance level I went from CPP to the Advanced Diploma straight away and I think it stretches you but was still easy enough to do and I felt I learnt a lot from it


  • Paul

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    22 May, 2013 11:40

    At least for Intermediate, I understood you can start lower at Certificate and "top up" to Diploma at a later date of your choosing, relinquishing your Cert for Diploma as you go.

    If it works like that for Advanced, then you could also start lower with the Advanced (but still higher than Intermediate) and top up credits to get the higher qual when you are ready. That way you'd be going in higher than a high intermediate, but lower than a high advanced (if that makes sense). 

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