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 The UK has stopped issuing the post study work permit, in this light how ethical is it to ask students on the course to pursue a CIPD certification, when they would not be given an opportunity to implement the learning here or gain work experience, how international is the CIPD qualification.
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    CIPD Staff

    15 May, 2013 18:09

    It is unfortunate that the Post Study Work scheme ended on the 6 April 2012. I understand it has been replaced by a new points based system that requires applicants to have a job offer from a Licensed Sponsor before applying. One thing that is consistent is that these immigration requirements have always been applicable to all non-EEA students studying any qualification in the UK.


    However, aside from the immigration issue here it is important to highlight that the UK continues to be one of the premier locations for students around the world to pursue their further studies. Thousands of students come to the UK each year to study a UK qualification at a recognised UK institution because they believe it benefits them wherever they go on to work.


    Our role at CIPD is to ensure our accredited centres are equipped to offer education courses that prepare their graduates with the theory to practice knowledge required to succeed in the world of work today. This is why we have qualification holders located around the world, many with international responsibilities. We support HR practitioners to develop and thrive with resources and guidance to support their continuing professional development. I feel this is a good testament to how students who study for a CIPD accredited qualification in the UK can find their careers benefit wherever they continue their working lives.


    Thank you for your thought provoking post.

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    18 Jul, 2013 00:57

    my name is Ilkin, and I am studying MSC HRM at the University of
    Sheffield. I am currently writing my dissertation and going to graduate
    very soon. I have a CIPD student membership and have participated in HR
    skill sessions during my studies. My overall score in this course is
    over 64 (merit). To build a better HR career in the future, I need at
    least a voluntary work experience in the said field. Though I am living
    in Sheffield, I would agree to work outside of this city, or even move
    to a completely new location if i ever find a volunteership. If anyone
    ever have information or hear about possible voluntary job placements,
    could you please let me know?
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