How different functions work together to optimise performance?

I'm not sure how to answer this question...any advice?
  • Hi Ewelina, 

    I think a way of describing it would be organisations are organised on functional lines when it is felt that this is the best way of  communicating.within each function there are specialists who are able to focus on their specialism under the supervision of specialist managers in order to optimise organisational performance.


  • David

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    15 May, 2013 08:33

    Hi Ewelina

    Lots of especially  bigger organisations are split into discrete functions or disciplines, which can work fine, but it doesn't happen by magic - their interactions and the outcomes thereof need to be managed effectively either by a project manager if it's a discrete project or series of projects or by a permanent manager if it's say a constant production or service unit.

    It's perhaps much the same as conducting an orchestra - do it right and all the  functional specialists' efforts come together in complete harmony, but leave them without a leader or conductor or get a poor or ineffective one and a useless mess of noise results.
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