Masters Student Seeking Cabin Crew for Research...

Hi everyone,

I'm a Masters student from the University of Leeds, studying Human Resource Management. 

I'm writing a dissertation about emotion management, where employees undertaking service roles (in the case of this study, cabin
crew) have to adhere to set emotional or 'feeling' rules when
providing customer service. 

I'd be really interested in talking to anyone who has worked with cabin crew in a learning and development or more general HR capacityI’m also urgently looking for cabin crew, former or current of any age, gender and experience who would be willing to be interviewed as part of the research.

If anyone would like to participate in my research, and perhaps share this within your wider networks, it'd be much appreciated.

Many thanks


  • Hi Chris

    I worked as cabin crew for Airtours around 1996 - long and short haul - am happy to be interviewed if this fits your criteria.


  • In reply to Denise Claxton:

    Ps. I also have a cousin who is a Manager at Virgin who may be able to help with cabin crew contacts for interviews.
  • Hi Christopher

    You could ask via their twitter profiles too if you haven't already - eg via @easyjet


    Digital team, CIPD

  • Hi Denise,

    Hope you're well and thank you for your kind offer to be interviewed - really appreciate it!

    Have sent you a private message (hopefully I did it correctly!) to hopefully swap contact info

    Thanks again, looking forward to speaking to you soon.


    And thanks for the tip Johanna - have been using Twitter already.

  • Hi Chris,

    my sister has worked as cabin crew with two different airlines and is willing to take part in an interview.  If you can contact me outside of the forum, I can pass on her details.

    Good luck with your dissertation.


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