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Does anyone know if the following post-graduate courses lead to Graduate Membership with the CIPD assuming successful completion and on-going Associate membership ?

I have looked information up in the website but i could not find the answer.

 CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employment Law and Postgraduate Certificate in Employment Law awarded by the University of Surrey


Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Monica

     The best way of finding out would be to ask the University themselves I think.

    Also, you may be aware but just in case the CIPD are phasing out Graduate membership from June 2014.

  • Rosemarie

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    31 Jul, 2013 15:38

    If in doubt, the membership team at CIPD used to have a list of accredited courses at different levels.  Not sure if it's a service that they still provide.

  • Hi Monica

    I completed the level 7 ACEL/Pg Dip in Employment Law and got a merit and was gutted to learn on completion I did not qualify for any upgrade in membership at all.  I was an Affiliate member then.  I had to do the experience assessment route to get the Assoc professional membership.  I believe, the only level 7 qualifications to get you full chartership is Level 7 HRD or HRM.

    I wouldnt want you to make the same mistake as me, (although the Employment Law level 7 course is very good, you learn a lot doing the coursework route), it results in no change to your membership.

    I hope this helps,


  • Dear all,

    Thank you so much for your replies.

    I must have read about the phasing out of the Graduate membership but i might have some how overlooked the information at that time.

    Do you know what will happen to those who want to upgrade from Associate level up from June 2014 and before then?

    I have looked at the accredited providers list on the CIPD website but i do not seem to have identified anyone that delivers this course specifically.

    The CIPD course directory is very thorough in regard to route to membership and upgrade but for certain courses i could not find answer like for these two.

    Based on the information shared, it may be the case that we will have either to study for a MA/Msc leading to Graduate membership or to apply for the experience assessment route ?

    Dear Louise, 

    Thank you for the heads-up;

    I have read very positive reviews about the Level 7 ACEL/Pg Dip in Employment Law and i am surprised to discover that does not lead to Graduate membership.

    How is that possible given the programme taught and the study requirements ?

    I will enquiry with the University about the award and I will check for more info on the phasing out of Graduate membership.

    Thank you all,


  • Emma

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    31 Jul, 2013 18:37

    Hi Monica


    I don't think that an MA/MSc leads to Graduate membership anymore either as it's being phased out. I think you just get Associate membership and then have to go through the upgrade process to get Chartered membership




  • Keith

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    31 Jul, 2013 18:48


    I would guess the Advanced Dip in Em Law doesnt qualify for Member status because it is too specialised and most routes to membership require a broad path that doesnt narrow down to one particular HR discipline or other too soon. Training colleagues often make the same observation.


  • That's what i would have supposed too Keith.

    Thank you all for the further contributions.

    There are several MA/MSc routes that lead to Graduate membership with the CIPD. I am certain of this as I investigated options before.

    King's College, Kingston University and many more offer the Master route towards  accreditation and upgrade to chartered status on completion of the programme.

    I was more interested to find out if i could achieve Graduate status through a specialist route like a Level 7 Pg Dip in Employment Law; i appreciate that this course specifically may satisfy only some of the activities, knowledge and behaviours in the CIPD Professional Map, which in turn might explain why a specialist course does not lead to Graduate status.

    Thank you for your time on my query.


  • Monica

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    1 Aug, 2013 15:44

    Hi Monica D,

    If you search for your centre using either of these links:



     ...they list the CIPD-accredited qualifications at the institution. If the qualification isn't CIPD-accredited, you only get the University's award (PgDip or MA/MSc), and not the CIPD's, as far as I understand

    I still think you have to fill in an upgrade form when you complete your course, though?  This is because Associate/Chartered membership is linked to your vocational experience rather than Academic performance.

    Monica W.


  • In reply to Claire:

    Hi all


    Thank you all for your contributions to this thread.   I thought it might be useful to clarify a few areas.


    CIPD offers 3 sizes of qualification at Level 7, Awards, Certificates and Diplomas and as Louise mentions earlier in this thread the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employment Law and Postgraduate Certificate in Employment Law do not, on their own, lead to a level of CIPD membership however they can be used towards achievement of an Advanced Diploma.


    Successful completion of the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HR Management or HR Development will give you the knowledge required to be eligible to apply for a professional grade of membership (Associate member, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow). You can search for a provider offering a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma on our website at www.cipd.co.uk/qualifications-centre-search/default.htm


    Once you’ve completed the Diploma you are eligible to apply to upgrade your membership as long as you meet the CIPD membership criteria, you can find the criteria as well as guidance on upgrading to a professional grade of membership at www.cipd.co.uk/Membership/upgrade/


    Please call us in the membership team on 020 8612 6208 if you want any further help or want to discuss your options. 


    All the best

    Gavin Smith

    Customer Service Team Leader

    CIPD Membership & Education Enquiries

    Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

    +44 20 8612 6208



  • Thank you Gavin for the clarification.



  • Steve Bridger

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    6 Aug, 2013 11:40

    In reply to Claire:

    Useful thread. Thanks for asking the question, Monica.


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