Certificate or Diploma level 5


Im looking to do my level 5 in September can anyone tell me the difference between diploma and certificate as i am a bit confused. I have completed my level 3 CHRP.




  • Liz

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    6 Aug, 2013 16:04

    Hi Sarah

    A diploma usually takes longer than a certificate to complete. Currently, Awards tend to take a matter of a few months, certificates around 1 year and a diploma about 2 years.

    It's worth finding out if a level 5 Certificate will allow you to progress to a level 7 qualification in the future, or whether you'll need to complete a level 5 diploma to allow you to advance.

    And nowadays, a Level 7 diploma is what the CIPD like to see you complete before upgrading you to Chartered.

    Hope this helps


  • Sarah

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    7 Aug, 2013 14:14

    It appears that the certificate comprises of less core units than the diploma with the certificate requiring three core units and the diploma requiring four.

     From my understanding, you would be able to complete additional units post completion of the certificate in order to convert your certificate into a diploma. However, completion of either will allow you to apply for Associate membership.

     I have noticed that the criteria for entering onto the L7 schemes has changed recently - I don't know if this is due to influence from CIPD or the providers. I have completed a L3 qualification and have previously completed some modules of the old PDS which was at L7. However on applying for the PGDip, I was told that I did not have enough relevant academic experience to go from L3 to L7 and would need to complete the L5. I would say it's worth checking out thoroughly what the certificate leads to if you're intending to move onto the L7!

  • I currently hold Assoc CIPD status and have completed the Ceritificate in Personnel Practice Level 3 and I am hoping to start the Intermediate Diploma in HRM Level 5 in the coming months.


  • hi

    Thanks yeah that is really helpful. I am looking at eventually doing L7 but L5 I have been told is a good stepping stone.



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