Advice please!!

Hi, I am currently working as an HR Graduate Trainee and has finished studying a MA in HRM with CIPD Qualified last year. However, I still feel that my knowledge in HR is limited along with HR experience.

Are there any courses or any other ways I can further develop my HR skills and knowledge?

  • Keith

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    11 Sep, 2013 15:59

    Experience, experience, experience.

    You are very well qualified with a MA already.

    More courses wont help but experience will. Its about practicing what you know and learning by doing

  • Rosemarie

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    11 Sep, 2013 16:38

    I agree that from this stage on, it's all about applying what you've learned to real life and adapting it to suit each new situation in which you find yourself.

    Then finally appreciating after 20 years that you still have stuff to learn!

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