Level 7 Post Grad Diploma - Verification

Hi All

 I was wondering if anyone was in the same predicament as me?

I completed my post grad diploma with MOL in January 2013 but have yet to receive my certification - they have informed me that I will be unlikely to receive this until January 2014!

I just find this odd given that they have 3 opportunities each year to send off to CIPD for verification and am now in a position where I cannot continue to the MOL Masters upgrade as my diploma marks have not been verified...

This cannot be the norm?!

  • Steve Bridger

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    Community Manager

    24 Sep, 2013 11:01

    Hi Carly,

    Delays have been known, but by all means get in touch with the CIPD Membership and Education Contact Centre on 020 8612 6208. Let them know your predicament and hopefully they can put you at ease.


  • Hi Carly,

    I had a similar problem when I completed Level 3 certification in July last year, I didn't receive my certificate until January this year.  I did write to MOL and complain asking for an explanation as I feel that you pay such a lot of money for the training a piece of paper at the end certifying you have completed the course should be almost instantaneous.  I was also unable to apply for Associate membership until I had this certificate, so felt my career was being held up.  I never got a response......


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