Upgrading to Associate Member - can anyone help?


I am in the process of completing my application forms for upgrading to Associate Member. I have some questions. Are there any members who having gone through this process themselves who are able to help?  I have completed it, but am re-reading and proofing to ensure that I have represented myself to the best of my abilities.

I have already completed my Diploma in HRP Level 3 in 2011.

I am grateful for anyone able to assist

With thanks,


  • Sarah

    | 53 Posts


    25 Sep, 2013 16:05

    I too would be interested in anyone's feedback and also to review the anyone's application that was successful to identify what is required in the responses. 

    I have tried to contact three local membership advisors with no response and have attended a workshop on upgrading but feel this was more aimed at people aiming for MCIPD / FCIPD status.

    If you want to contact me directly, I can PM you my email address!

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