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25 Sep, 2013 20:58



I'm currently in the process of signing up for the Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HRM through the CIPD Flexible Learning+ scheme.

I have conflicting information on how long these core modules take to complete, can anybody shed some light on this conflicting issue?

Also, I believe that each optional unit takes between 3-4 months to complete, is this correct?

Core Unit 1: Developing skills for business leadership

Core Unit 2: Leading, managing and developing people

Core Unit 3: Investigating a business issue from an HR perspective

Core Unit 4: HRM in context


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  • Hi Mat

    I'm currently studying year one MOL and my schedule is as follows:

    First year -

    started DSBL in July and will finish July 2014. Also started LMP - takes six months and I finish end Jan 2014 with my exam

    Then I start optional module 1 in Feb which will take 3-4 months and follow that with optional module 2 approx May/June again taking approx 3-4 months

    In year 2  Investigating a business issue from an HR perspective will start after I finish DSBL next July and take one year to complete. HRM in context is the last six months of the course and I will sit the exam in Sep 2015. During that last year I also have two optional modules which again take 3-4 months.

    Its very full on! 


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