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9 Oct, 2013 08:21

I have recently finished the Diploma in HRM, gaining graduate membership to the CIPD. I received a letter from to inform me that I can upgrade to Chartered Membership within 1 year of completing my qualification, and was sent the application form that I need to complete - however I am completely at a loss as to what is required and wondered if anyone had a copy of their application I could browse through for inspiration?

The questions I have to answer are:-

How do you manage, develop or review HR projects, programmes, policies or practices and make the case for change?

How have you implemented and evaluated HR improvement/innovation?

How do you coach and advise managers?

Any help with this would be much appreciated :)


  • Louise

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    9 Oct, 2013 12:04

    Hi Becky

    I am current in the middle of my experience assessment route for Chartered Memberhips and I am being asked similar things.  A lot of the topic areas are asking for examples of when you have demonstrated x,y and z.

    At the end of the day only you can answer these as you know what you do and how you do it, however, why don't you try and answer using specific examples from your experience to date. I am sure you can think of a lot of times when you have provided advise to managers?  What project work have you undertaken, what policies/procedures have you reviewed etc - I remember one thing I read which said - "What was your role in the area/topic, What did you do and What was the challenges/outcomes" try and adopt that approach to answering questions.

    I am not sure if I have helped, but good luck.

  • HI Becky. Firstly congratulations on your Dip HRM, well done!  Now that you’ve successfully achieved your CIPD qualification you can now become recognised for your knowledge and experience through CIPD professional membership, either by moving to Associate Assoc CIPD for free or by upgrading to Chartered Member Chartered MCIPD or Chartered Fellow (Chartered FCIPD). So you believe you’re ready for Chartered and can demonstrate that you’re working at that level, then you upgrade. You can upgrade by application form or telephone assessment. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, please take a look at our checklist of questions and also our upgrading FAQs.  If you’re applying by application form would like someone to check your application, then you can take it along to your local branch’s membership adviser.  If in the meantime you have any further questions, then please feel free to contact our customer services team on 020 8612 6208.  Let me know if you need any further info! Thanks Steph

  • David Perry

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    9 Oct, 2013 19:44


    Well done for passing.

    Would you be able to answer those questions if you had a little more experience and/or more responsibility in HR.  I would once have struggled to answer those questions without the requisite experience and responsibility because not all rolls give you exposure to the questions they ask. 

  • MARK

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    23 Oct, 2013 07:19


    Be very careful before you spend any money on an MCIPD upgrade.

    I applied for upgrade and was not successful as I focused my efforts on evidencing against the activities listed in the HRMP Band 2 standards in the professional map and that of the membership criteria. Unfortunately, I failed to grasp that the Assessment requires a more holistic, broader evidencing of experience.

    All I can recommend is that if you do elect to move forward to upgrade to MCIPD use the resources available to clarify absolutely what the assessment will require in the various areas (Leading HR etc)- it is very definitely not clear cut! If you can get advice confirmed in writing (email)this would be handy to refer back to.

    The assessment is subjective and subject to interpretation and if I were to do it again I would take a more holistic view of my experiences as set against the map. I was even told by the Experience Assessment team that the assessment is against the 'top end of band 2' (what does that mean?) and the assessment cannot be against the activities in band 2 as this would 'give the answers'.

    The report I received is ambiguous and vague in many areas. For example, it recommends managing budgets as a requirement for MCIPD - I cannot see this in the map.

    Did I learn from the experience? - Yes. It was valuable in terms of auditing my experience but do not get blinkered into evidencing against the map - it will not be good enough.

    Would I do it again? - No. I cannot afford to risk another £1950.00.

    One big lesson - One thing that the CIPD do not mention in any of their blurb is there are no partial passes or resits. If you do not get through you have lost everything and have to start all over again three months later.

    Yes, I am disappointed I did not make the grade but I have to respect the professional opinion of the Assessor. I cannot help feeling I have been suckered into handing over a large chunk of money for a below standard return

    Personally, I do not think that the assessment is as described or as advertised and should be the subject of an OFT investigation.


  • In reply to MARK:

    Hi Becky

    Just to clarify that the fee associated with upgrading your membership from Graduate (or Associate who has transferred from Graduate) by form is £60 for Chartered Member or £95 for Chartered Fellow.

    For anyone who's recently become qualified (CIPD PDS, Level 7 Advanced Diploma or an approved CIPD postgraduate qualification) then the first upgrade application to Chartered Member by form is free if done within a year of receiving the Graduate certificate. Alternatively you can also upgrade to Chartered through telephone assessment and the fee is £120 for Chartered Member and £250 for Chartered Fellow. There’s more information here, and you can also speak to our customer services team on 020 8612 6208.

    If you’re an experienced HR or L&D professional looking to become a Chartered member (but have not completed the CIPD PDS, Level 7 Advanced Diploma or an approved CIPD postgraduate qualification), then Experience Assessment is more appropriate. 

    Mark's post refers to Experience Assessment, which is for individuals who do not have the required CIPD qualification. This is a very different assessment process, and has a different fee attached.


    Stephanie, CIPD membership team 

  • Emma

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    4 Jan, 2014 14:09

    Hi all

    I am in the middle of drafting my application to upgrade to Chartered status.

    It would be really helpful if there was a template application that could be available so that I know I am heading down the correct avenue?

    Is anyone able to assist me by either making an application available to view or even making one partially available?

    Kind regards


  • I am just about to complete the membership form for Chartered Membership and would love some advice! The question that I am struggling with is the one about making a compelling HR business case for something - I am very fortunate in that I report to the CEO and it is pretty straighforward to get things done at my company. I obviously have to have my facts, numbers and arguments straight but I don't tend to have to write papers or convince a committee of something that I want to do. It's usually just a conversation.

    I am really keen to upgrade my membership and so any advice anyone has in how to tackle this would be gratefully appreciated!


  • In reply to Stephanie:


    Did anyone get anywhere with this? I am looking at it again (having had to put it aside for a while) and find the amount of paperwork a bit baffling - especially the map and behaviours. I did get some help from my local branch but I'm afraid it left me rather confused still...


  • Hi everyone

    It's great that you are all getting your applications ready for Chartered membership.
    If you need some advice or guidance, you can take your application form and CV along to your local branch and speak to the Membership and CPD adviser.  For further information I am also adding a few useful links:

    Candidate guidance document for upgrading

    Upgrading to Chartered Member

    Upgrading to Chartered Fellow

    You can apply by form or phone or face to face assessment. If you're unsure about your eligibility, you can also send through your CV to CVscreening@cipd.co.uk for a quick check before making your application. 

    Wishing you all the best


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    2 Sep, 2015 14:18

    In reply to Stephanie:

    Testing post
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