What now?!

I've just completed the PG Dip in HRM (yippee!!!) and wondering what to do now?!  I was considering trying to find an employment law qualification but my manager said they weren't really worth it.  The other possibility I was considering was a degree in coaching and mentoring.

I'm currently working at Officer level in the NHS and very happy to stay at this level for a while, but I'm all about personal development...!

Any ideas gratefully received!

  • Keith

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    20 Dec, 2013 11:52

    Get three or four more years if solid experience. That will stand you in far better status than another qualification at this stage. You might then have an idea if it's coaching or employment law that will benefit you the most. 

    Personsl development is as we know not all about courses and qualifications.  

  • David

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    21 Dec, 2013 07:12

    Hi Michelle

    I'd suggest that your biggest decision might relate to whether or not to remain working in the domain of the NHS: nothing wrong with a caterer spent working solely in the NHS - after all, it's big enough and diverse enough but it's generally also a very very different working environment to private sector HR.
  • Thanks both - plenty to ponder...!
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