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Anthony  McDonnell

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2 Jan, 2014 13:58

Why is there such a significant difference in the cost of becoming a Chartered Member of Chartered Fellow according to the 'professional' or 'academic' route? Well in excess of double the cost for an academic membership.......

Chartered Member £60 by application form or £120 telephone assessment
Chartered Fellow £95 by application form or £250 telephone assessment

Academic Fellow £600
Academic Member £500
  • Megan Peppin

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    2 Jan, 2014 14:41

    Thanks for raising this Anthony, it also reaises a question for me.   I am a Fellow, worked hard for it through the Exec PAC and have a Masters - does this make me a Chartered Fellow or Academic, and what is the difference?

    Could someone from CIPD perhaps point to guidance on this as I haven't heard of this distinction before and am curious.  

  • Anthony  McDonnell

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    2 Jan, 2014 15:07

    Hi Megan,


    My understanding is the Academic membership is for those working in academia rather than practicing HR professionals. The academic membership (I think) requires a Masters (minimum) but more than likely a doctorate and ongoing research outputs that make a contribution to the HR field.



  • Steve Bridger

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    2 Jan, 2014 17:11

    Hi Meg,

    Anthony asked this question on LinkedIn earlier this afternoon, to which Sue Upton replied.

    Here’s the link: http://linkd.in/Kl1SjQ  

    In a nutshell, the cost is a little higher for the academic route because there is more assessment. The expert academic assessors look at all elements of an individual's professionalism, including their knowledge of best practice in HR.

    I hope this provides some clarity, but if not, do get in touch.


    ps I can confirm you are a Chartered Fellow :)

  • In reply to Steve Bridger:

    Hi Megan

    Guidance regarding Academic Membership of CIPD can be found on our website here: http://www.cipd.co.uk/membership/academic/default.aspx

    But Anthony's description was accurate in that it is aimed at those who are working in academia teaching and/or researching in an HR related subject areas.  For an HR practitioner, such as yourself, Chartered membership is appropriate. 

    Hi Anthony, thanks for your post.

    The figures you quote for a Chartered membership "application" are in fact for an upgrade for someone who already holds a Graduate membership or a professional designation (and so has been assessed already by other methods including qualifications).  The figures you quote to apply for Academic Membership are for a direct (ie. initial and complete) application and so can be compared on the professional membership side with Experience Assessment. 

    It is worth pointing out that it is not possible to hold both Academic and Chartered membership of CIPD. 

    If you have any further questions regarding Academic Membership I can be contacted at the CIPD and should hopefully be able to help. 

    Julia Dyer - Assessment Exec (Academic)

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