7 c's for successful change

Hi All

First time posting! I am currently doing a dissertation on how an employees engagement changes following an acquisition and in a CIPD study in 2009 called the impact of mergers and acquisitions on employer brands it detailed on page 8 about the seven C's of successful change and it was in a CIPD report in 2005 but I am finding it very difficult to find out what they are and where I can find them so I can refer to, can someone help me please :-)



  • Julie

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    20 Feb, 2014 15:59

    Hi Victoria

    You can find them on the CIPD Change Management factsheet.

    They are:

    • Choosing a team

    • Crafting vision and path

    • Connecting organisation-wide change

    • Consulting stakeholders

    • Communicating

    • Coping with change

    • Capturing learnig

    All the best with your dissertation.


  • Steve Bridger

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    25 Feb, 2014 10:02

    Welcome to the Communities, Victoria.
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