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Hi everyone,

For those of you who I have spoke with, I am a standalone HR manager.

 I would like to gather greater statistics and reports on absence, retention etc. We don't have any HR systems, we are building one internally, as getting the Director to invest in a good program has proved difficult, as he doesn't really see the benefits of this,

So I want to get one of my team, who mainly manage payroll and and admin duties, to upskill in an excel based course, which will enable them to produce stats in an attractive way, but also have the skills to begin developing my complex analysis.

 Can anyone recommend anything?




  • Rosemarie

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    3 Mar, 2014 16:31

    Start with your local adult education if money is short.  Most of them do beginners, intermediate and often advanced user courses.

    But of course, you are then making up for the Director's shortcomings in not investing!

  • if I never see a pivot again it'll be too soon!!!! arrgghhh

    How is your relationship with finance? I have found their knowledge of excel to be invaluable when building speadsheets for HR reporting!! When using spreadsheets, the more you only have to copy and paste to populate a report the better in my book. 

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