Average Number of Attempts for Professional Qualification Exams


 We are building out a certification program for our partners which include both technical and sales training and we are wondering at what number we should limit the number of re-takes to pass an exam?  

I think on average professional exams take between 2-4 attempts to pass but I'm not sure if this is accurate?  

 Has anyone had the experience of having to set a retake limit on exams and if so what did you set it as?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Rosemarie

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    13 Mar, 2014 16:35


    Always done on the basis that we will pay for one only, unless there are exceptional circumstances (eg death in the family) that have affected the ability to study.


  • Keith

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    13 Mar, 2014 16:47

    2-4 does seem very high to me as well. Maybe for the odd finance paper but not as a general rule of thumb.

    I too have generally funded the first take with some room for a second take for a few accountancy papers but not every one..

  • David Perry

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    13 Mar, 2014 17:36

    I too think 2-4 is rather high.  Where did this info come from?  


    From personal experience I'd say the majority pass the first time - ie the majority of people taking an exam pass it 1st time.


     If it was 2-4 times they"d be huge and growing queues to do retakes.

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