Employee engagement in NHS restructuring

Hi All,

Why would one department in a large organisation such as the NHS in a trust size of 15500 employees may experience restructuring positively but in another department not so positively. For example the community service directorate moves from a community pct to a hospital trust and experiences restructuring negatively.

Is this due to inconsistency of HR service or lack of understanding of the merger of community services to the hospital trust?

Any thoughts?

Many Thanks

  • Keith

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    21 Mar, 2014 21:28


    As this is posted in the study section I take it this is part of your Masters course or similar?

    If so and to elicit helpful comments from colleagues it would be a good start if you gave some of your own thoughts and research on the topic. I am sure, as always, colleagues will be more than happy to supplement and comment on your thoughts.

    Best regards


  • Hi Keith, It
    is indeed part of my masters. My thoughts on this are that as the community
    services directorate came from a smaller trust with a different culture and
    philosophy there has been a clear line of missed communication and integration
    within the new trust. Of course HR has probably not helped as it should facilitate this but ensure how it can make it happen.

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