Best route to 'Graduate' status?


I am looking for some advice in regards to the best options to study towards achieving an MA/MSc in HRM.

I have been working in HR for 6 years with broad generalist experience over the last 4 years as an HR Advisor. I do not have a degree but have completed a CPP qualification.

I now have the opportunity to either study part time whilst remaining in my current role or to apply to study full time for 1 year at a University that would take into account experience and alternative qualifications (CPP rather than degree).

My overall aim is to broaden my experience and to eventually work towards a specialist position with strategic influence.

The challenge around my decision is that I would like the opportunity to work abroad in the future and therefore feel that the full time courses available are more suitable due to the option of studying an International HRM course. However I am concerned that it may be challenging to apply for roles after a year away from the profession.

 Please does anyone have any suggestions or advice around routes to study, employability following a career break and pursuing international opportunities? 

Thank you in advance


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