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I have just started the EA at Associate Level, I am happily working my way through the IR & SA, however, I have just looked at the Case Study and am rather overwhellemed by the information in it.

I know its probably a different case study for everyone, but does anyone have any tips of how to actually start it?  I am confident in the way I will be setting it out, i.e Introduction/Aim/Company Background/Priorities & Issues/Recommendations.

  • David Perry

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    16 Apr, 2014 20:49

    This is a serious answer.  And its one I've practiced many times over the years when I've been faced by huge tasks which initially look - and indeed are - overwhelming and impossible to do in one go at one time.

    How do you eat an elephant?  *


    *Thats it!!! One bit at a time.  Do it by tackling one or more tiny steps, or bits of the whole problem, at a time.  As these are worked through gradually, you'll see that the rest start to either solve themselves or have solutions come up which sort of fit anyway and eventually the whole thing just slots together. 

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