PgDip vs MSc

Hi all,

I'm currently on an MSc HRM course with an option to miss out the dissertation and leave with a PgDip. I'm curious as to whether the difference between PgDip and MSc matters to a career or if it's experience and performance in the job that counts. My experience of dissertation writing at undergraduate level wasn't pleasant and I don't know if I have it in me to do it again!

Thanks in advance. 

  • Steve Bridger

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    24 Apr, 2014 07:40

    Hi Andrew... and welcome to the Communities.

    There are a few discussions on here that cover some of these questions, e.g. this thread. But try the search and other keyword combinations.

  • David

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    24 Apr, 2014 09:37

    Hi Andrew

    Cosmetically, inevitably a Masters degree seems a lot better, but professional recruiters who know their onions probably won't just judge the book by it's cover.

    But wouldn't necessarily be put off by an undergraduate bad experience - much depends on how much you enjoy or identify with the chosen topic and how helpful your supervisor is - it can be useful and worthwhile as well as looking good.
  • Laura

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    24 Apr, 2014 15:21

    Hi Andrew

    I was enrolled on the Masters course and I ducked out of the dissertation taking the PgDip qualification.  I had done the course to get my initial CIPD qualification so the completion of the Masters itself was not my motivation for studying.

    I don't think there is a right or wrong option, I was happy with my choice and don't feel that I have lost out (either academically or career wise) for sticking with the PgDip.  Others I know completed the Masters element and are happy with that choice.

    Good luck with it all!




  • Joanne

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    9 May, 2014 13:08

    I've recently done the 3 year MA course with the option to miss out the dissertation and go with PGDp.  I went with the full masters and although i'm not academically minded in the slightest I got through it and actually think I learnt a lot about my dissertation topic! Would you get that from the management report - maybe!

    It was very satisfying when I finally handed it in!

    Good luck! 


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