Research for Masters Study on motivating survivors


I am currently studying for my masters degree and doing my management report on the effect on survivors after a reduction exercise.

There are only 10 questions so it shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes to complete and I would really appreciate your help if you could complete this survey below.

Click here to take survey



Thanks again

Rowena Hall

  • Jacqueline

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    28 May, 2014 08:13

    All done - it really is very quick.  It's a nicely constructed survey, Rowena - really easy to answer and made me stop and think about some of the things we *ought* to be doing in my organisation!


  • Gail

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    28 May, 2014 09:13

    All done and as Jacqueline said quick and thoughtful!  Having completed a similar study to you some years ago I found the correlation between organisational change and the research completed by Elisabeth Kubler- Ross into loss very interesting - may be helpful?  If not, feel free to ignore my comments.  Good Luck with your management report.
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