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28 May, 2014 10:31

Those who bothered to both read the CIPD 'membership news' email sent out 4 weeks ago and check on the 'changes for the better' it referred to will have discovered that Members' annual fees are due to rise by 20% in July, and those for Fellows by 38%.

This has been the subject of much debate on the unofficial (but CIPD-branded) LinkedIn group. I'm just wondering: how many members were aware of the huge increase? And how many branch Chairs (who supposedly represent members' interests at CIPD Council) saw fit to consult or inform their respective branch members before approving the changes?

  • Alan

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    28 May, 2014 11:06


    Your points are well made, increases of that magnitude are in my opinion completely unacceptable. I have cancelled my membership with effect from July 2014.

  • Keith

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    28 May, 2014 11:30

    Yes I was aware from both here, the LinkedIn group and also reading the emails from the CIPD.

    Whilst not an apologist for the CIPD I can see some sense in the  proposals (without reopening the extensive debate that was held on the LinkedIn site) although some greater phasing would have been welcome.

    Some members like Alan will unfortunately leave over the membership fee increase. It is regretable if any active member leaves and hopefully many will reflect on the value that a strong professional institute brings to all of us and eventually return to the fold so to speak. Strategically it makes sense to me to have tiered membership fees and to keep encouraging people to join the institute.

    I am not one for using the branch network so unfortunately can not shed any light on what communications was carried out by "my" branch chair.

  • Robey

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    28 May, 2014 11:32

    I also followed the debate on the LinkedIn discussions.  My branch hasn't mentioned it to us at all (I do engage regularly with it), but as my employer pays my subscription I selfishly decided that I had other things to worry about.
  • Richard

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    28 May, 2014 13:17

    Hi All,

    For anyone who hasn’t been following the discussion in the LinkedIn Group about this, I thought I’d just quickly summarise the CIPD’s thinking here.

    What we’re doing with these changes is moving away from a “one size fits all” approach to CIPD membership. Students currently pay the same as Chartered Fellows – something that many members don’t realise, and a flat-rate fee structure that isn’t adopted by any comparable membership bodies. Members have told us they want CIPD to provide an approach to membership that evolves with their careers.

    Our research backs up that the credibility and status provided by the professional grades of membership, along with the diverse and comprehensive range of member services we provide, has always provided great value for money.

    But what we’re now doing is developing a range of new services, tailored to the different grades of membership, to add even more to the benefits of professional recognition. And we’re also reducing fees at the entry level. This means that overall our fee income will remain largely the same – this is not an initiative to increase revenue.

    For those starting out in their career as Student members, their annual fees fall to £90. Alongside this, they’ll get access to a range of enhanced study support resources and early career development advice. This is all part of our focus on supporting new entrants so we can do more to build a pipeline of new talent into the profession.

    For Chartered Members, the focus will be on enhancing our role as a valued career partner, with new career and professional development tools being developed to help members shape and achieve career plans and goals throughout their working lives. For example, there’ll be a new career and CPD diagnostic tool coming later this year. The joining fee for new members falls to £70. The fee for Chartered Members rises to £165, or as has been said elsewhere, less than £3.20 per week.

    Chartered Fellows will get exclusive access to 'Work.', our new quarterly journal that will dig deeper into the bigger, more strategic issues in the world of work, but will be asked to pay £190 for their membership. For these members, we’re also developing better networks to allow closer collaboration and learning with their peers.

    All members will also benefit from a support package we are developing to help out in times of hardship, including a new benevolent fund and back to work programmes for returners.

    We’ve been working on these changes for some time now, and have engaged in extensive research as we’ve developed our proposals. They’re designed so some pay less, some pay more, but overall revenues are forecast to remain flat, while still being sufficient to allow us to deliver more for members.  Your representatives as members – the CIPD Council – have been consulted and involved all the way through, and approved the changes. It is worth noting that the new fees remain lower than almost all comparable bodies – all of which, as I said above, charge differential fees at different membership grades in a way that we haven’t until now. However, few of these bodies differentiate the services and support they offer to members at different grades in the way that we are. We are determined that we’ll offer value that grows as you progress within the CIPD.


    Head of Membership Development at the CIPD

  • Elizabeth

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    28 May, 2014 13:49

    @Richard - I am 100% behind reducing membership fees to student members. I shall wait and see on some of the other changes.

    @David - I don't know how the changes were communicated, but I only became aware of them through the LinkedIn group.

    I was interested to read a journal article in HR Magazine this morning about a new institute described as offering "the first alternative HR qualification to the CIPD".


    It doesn't look like a true alternative to me, but the changes to the cost of CIPD membership might encourage people to consider a move who might otherwise have stayed where they were.

  • Keith

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    28 May, 2014 15:10

    Will be interesting to see if the Institute of Recruiters gets any traction. Personally I would be surprised if it does outside the niche area it is named after. But it may well be a slow burn over time.

  • I already feel like we don't get much for our fees. 

    Last time I renewed by phone and asked the gentleman on the phone exactly what we get for our fees. He simply said "The people management magazine and 8 free phone-calls to the helpline".  Seems like we are getting a bit of a bad deal. 

    I won't be renewing in July.  

  • Steve Bridger

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    28 May, 2014 15:40

    In reply to Richard:

    Hi Darrielle,

    Richard didn't specifically mention it, but for Associate Members, the fees have increased only slightly higher than inflation and joining fees have been reduced. You will still receive all existing benefits and CIPD is creating more to help in your career and professional development. In addition, there will be access to career planning advice, a CPD diagnostic tool, and continued access to this online community.

    It woud be a shame to lose you - not least as we value your contributions to this community.

  • Judy Williams

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    28 May, 2014 22:40

    The big hike for Chartered Fellows was a surprise but I feel that overall the changes are proportionate and still lower than other professional bodies.  I'm pleased that the student fees have reduced.  I value my membership and wouldn't dream of cancelling.  Local branch events, networking, People Management magazine, Impact - all excellent.  And the Christmas caption competition of course!  This forum too with the combined wisdom of the best of the regular contributors.  All great value for money.


  • Katy

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    29 May, 2014 09:36

    Hi Richard

    You say in your reply "but what we’re now doing is developing a range of new services, tailored to the different grades of membership, to add even more to the benefits of professional recognition". This echoes what was said at my branch's AGM, but I wonder if you could expand a bit more? Neither there (possibly due to time constraints) nor anywhere else have I seen any detail about what the "range of services" might look like - I'm not trying to criticise, I'm just genuinely interested.


  • Katy

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    29 May, 2014 09:42

    Sorry, to clarify - what the services look like for those of us who aren't Chartered members or students :)
  • Steve Bridger

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    29 May, 2014 10:57

    In reply to Katy:

    Hi Katy,

    Ooh, I can answer this :)

    Here's a handy member benefits breakdown by grade. (NB on each page you need to click on the individual 'menu' items - e.g. Career support, updates and information...)


    Associate Members

    Chartered Members

    Chartered Fellows


    Worth mentioning that from July CIPD will introduce some additional benefits for all members (as well as the Work journal, which Fellows, Academic Fellows and Companions will receive next week). These are:

    - a Whistleblowing advice line  - confidential advice on how to deal with whistle blowing issues from a personal or corporate perspective
    - Benevolent fund
    - CPD Diagnostic tool (coming in November)

    > Quick link to a list of 2014/15 Membership subscription fees


  • Elizabeth

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    29 May, 2014 12:02

    Thanks for that, Steve. That's the clearest info I've seen since this debate started on LInkedIn.
  • Katy

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    29 May, 2014 13:20

    Thanks, Steve!


  • In reply to Steve Bridger:

    Hi all

    I've just seen a copy of the new 'Work.' magazine by the way - it looks great and I got sucked in by a couple of the articles straight away. Here's a picture of it that I tweeted this morning if you want to see the cover: 


    It's due through postboxes of CIPD Chartered Fellows on Monday. 

    Digital team, CIPD

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