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Geoffrey Evans

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30 May, 2014 09:12


Having worked in HR and consultancy for over 35 years, i thought i probably should do the assessment.  However, having just looked at the first section of the impact report, i have no idea what they are looking for in 500 words.  Any suggestions gratefully received.


  • Hi Geoff, welcome to the communities!  I can see you're on a mission so very best of luck with this.  I can't offer any advice myself - others may post with more useful information - but it is probably worth speaking to your local CIPD branch for guidance, there should be someone designated with the task of helping members to upgrade.  This link should help you find the branch details if you don't have them already:



  • Lesley-Anne

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    30 May, 2014 15:11

    Hi Geoff, I have just read your comment with interest.  I too am going through  this route to gain Chartered Membership, and am now ploughing my way through the case study.  I have completed the Impact and Self-assessment reports and the instructions are helpful in that you are asked to provide examples to evidence your HR competency against the behaviours and areas of professional HR practice.  The examples must be from your recent 3 years work experience.  Hope this helps and good luck, Lesley-Anne
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