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I am currently studying for my Intermediate Level 5 in HR management after 14 years since I obtained my CIPD(CTP) qualification.  I am in the middle of my first TMA and wondered if there are any templates to work from when submitting an assignment?  Surely there must be some guidelines somewhere to help with the layout?
  • Emma

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    10 Jun, 2014 12:52

    Hi Linda

     have you spoken to your Tutor? They can normally provide detailed guidelines.

    For example all of my assignments had to have a title page laid out to their requirements, contents and figures pages, references, bibliography and appendices. It all had to be in font size 12 and double spaced with Harvard referencing.

    Each university / college will have their own requirements so I would speak to your course tutor in the first instance. I also found our course administrator very helpful for stuff like this as well. 



  • Hi Linda

    From memory it is 1.5 line spacing ensuring that your PI number, name and page number is at the top of every page and using Harvard Referencing. 


  • Lesley

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    11 Jun, 2014 08:35

    I think it will depend on where you are studying and even the lecturer whether or not there is a specific template. Some lecturers don't seem to mind how it is laid out as long as your uni number and name is on there and Harvard referencing is used. Some request specific fonts or formats. 

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