How much paid study leave?


I was curious how much paid study leave other people's firms support.

We are only small (65-70 people) but do try to be flexible, supportive and make gestures of goodwill where possible (eg we have a paid emergency dependants leave policy).

We don't have a formal study leave policy in place and I'd like to present one to management.  My gut feel is something like 3 - 5 days per rolling year with at least twice the amount of notice required compared with the time off requested (per annual leave requirements for consistency).

Any ideas as to what others offer and requirements for notice/approval/supporting documentation would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance

  • Hi Narrelle, previous employers have given one days' study leave for each paper plus a day off for the day when sitting the paper.  If you have a moment you may want to do a quick search for previous threads as this topic tends to crop up quite regularly.  Hope this helps.  :-)
  • Thanks - I did a search first but the threads that came up were mostly years old and not knowing whether the ERA had changed over that time thought it wiser to ask the specific question afresh.
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