24 + Advanced Learning Loans

Dear All, 

Having undertaken a search online I cannot see any posts on this subject, the government brought this scheme in last August, something I have recently benefited from is the Diploma in Human Resource Practice @ Stephenson's College.

These are only at level 3 or 4 so basically A Level's, even if you have not studied for ages its worth it to perhaps go to a higher level between degree and masters. 

It is worth applying now even for September start to consider whether you can get funding, this was relatively straight forward, basically if the college and course is registered with Student Finance England then you are all most guaranteed to receive the money for the course, my course was over £2k. 


It is worth letting people know who are just starting out in the HR field, are student members and want to become associate members this really helps break down barriers for being qualified and getting the professional status increased. Local CIPD branches should also in my humble opinion promote this scheme. 

Hope you find this useful.  


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