7SBL Group Assignment

Hi All,

Just started my CIPD Level 7 and we have our 7SBL group presentation and report on the 17th Nov - has anyone got any tips?

We've seen a couple of examples of Merits but wanted to see if anyone gained a Distinction and what they did to get it?

 Any help/advice would be most appreciated!


  • Liz

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    20 Oct, 2014 14:30


    What does 7SBL mean?


  • Developing Skills for Business Leadership?
  • I have this module coming up in the new year, but if you are pushing for the top grades it is always worth going through the Generic Assessment Criteria. My centre gives these out with each module but I am sure they are on the CIPD site too. It shows you what you have to demonstrate to achieve the different grades.
  • Hi,

    Yes Ferkhanda is right its the Developing Skills for Business Leadership module on the Level 7 CIPD course. 

    Thanks Catherine, I will have a look at the criteria to see what it brings up! 



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