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Hi Everyone

Am doing a PhD under the direction of Professor Colin Fisher at Nottingham Trent University looking at how people form judgements about the seriousness (or otherwise) of disciplinary cases. As part of this I am trying to administer a short questionnaire to as many HR practioners as possible given we are the ones usually to be called upon to investigate matters, prepare case files, and present to a Hearing.

The questionnaire, in meeting the requirements of the Data Protection legislation and the University Research Ethics Committee stipulations will not identify any contributors, nor will any information be passed onto other persons/bodies. It takes only about 10 and at most 15 minutes to complete and your help will be invaluable in trying to shed light on whether such judgements vary from those persons just entering the profession through to the more senior/experienced positions.

If you are able to help please just [get in touch using the Contact facility] and I will forward the questionnaire

Hopefully I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


  • Jacqueline

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    18 Nov, 2014 08:36

    Hi Wayne

    You might get a better response by posting this in anotehr section - such as Qualifications - the Public Sector area isn't the most active.


  • Hi jackie

    just got back from afew days away and thought I might have quite a number to catch up on. How wrong I was( roughly 1% return)!

    Thanks for the advice, it's the first time I have used the facility, I guess I'll learn in due course.


    Many thanks


  • Steve Bridger

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    25 Nov, 2014 10:48

    Hi Wayne,

    I've moved this thread as Jackie suggested - and delated the duplicate thread (which hadn't received a reply).

    I've also removed your email and phone numbers (see Guidelines), but suggested poeple can get in touch with you via the Contact facility.

    Is the questionnaire online? Do you have a link you could post here?

    Or you can attach the questionnaire. That would save time.

    I think people get a mixed response when making this kind of request on these forums. You shouldn't expect huge numbers of responses.


    ps I'm a little confused when you say it's the first time [you've] used the facility...

    You appear to have contributed to other discussions. 

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