Foundation Diploma in Learning and Development Practice


I'm looking to try and get in touch with others who are studying the Foundation Diploma in Learning and Development Practice.  I'm currently studying this distance learning through ICS (this was the easiest way for me to fit it in around my full time job as an SVQ assessor) but no one seems to be posting or responding to posts on the ICS forums.

I'm just looking for others to discuss the course with and share ideas, etc.



  • Hi Lorna


    I'm finding the same thing.  I'm studying also with the ICS for the same course and I would be interested to hear from you.  I  would be  happy to trade email or mobile number with you for conversation.







  • Hi Suzanne,

    I sent you a direct message regarding this, hope you got it.



  • Paul

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    24 May, 2015 22:38

    Hello Lorna,

    Distance Learning is better for some people than others - Perhaps a better option for you would have been a work based approach but with an advisor. On the plus side it will give you something to reflect on for your learning log.

    I advise on and assess these qualifications (not for ICS) and would be happy to answer any questions you have which you are really struggling with.



  • Hi Lorna and Suzzane, I'm also studying the same course with ICS. I have just finished the first module 3HRC. It's a shame there is not more of an active community on the ICS website. Send me a DM if you want to get in touch and discuss anything.  

    Kind Regards


  • hi Gavin

    I'm a bit behind with the work as per my schedule and I'm just starting the next section the role of the organisation.  If you want to chat I'm more than happy to. 



  • Hi

     I have just started the Level 3 Diploma with ICS and would really like to hook up with others who are doing the same course or modules. Like yo say, there isn't much activity on the ICS forums at all. I find them tricky to navigate as well. 



  • In reply to Dawn Austin :

    Hi im also in the same boat would love some support.
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