"Train the Trainer" for HR professionals

Hi there,

Has anyone attended a Train the Trainer course to build and deliver in-house training that they could recommend? I have a some training experience and a reasonable amount of training exposure, however, it's been made a key deliverable of mine to devise and implement core line-management-skills training sessions across the UK and Europe. Therefore I need a course(s) that will boost my confidence and capabilities in presenting and delivering but also help with the theory of creating sessions, including different ideas for methods, and maybe touch on learning techniques.

I have a reasonable/flexible budget so any good-experiences or suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance! 

  • Donna

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    23 Mar, 2015 12:15


    Jennifer if you get anything back on this can you share?  I could do with something similar for myself.





  • Olivia Bowley

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    23 Mar, 2015 14:23


    I have attended a Train the Trainer course by Gwiz http://www.gwiztraining.com/

    Thier website probably doesn't do the course justice, it was a great interactive 2 day course.

    I did do this on an in-house course, so you'd need to see if they offered an open course but I recommend getting in touch with them.


  • David

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    24 Mar, 2015 07:22

    Hi Jennifer

     Reading your query makes me speculate that this kind of course might not be iof sufficient scope or depth to meet your needs, other than possibly as a canter through the various aspects at a basic level.

    Over recent years there has been considerable work done via OFSTED etc to up skill training provider staff who are tasked with delivering work based learning to young people and to adults. Not long ago, this was haphazard and rudimentary to say the least, but has been moving towards mandatory minimum qualifications for such trainers. 

    There are other aspects too, if you're going to be responsible for managing the delivery of training sessions and programmes by others - not least, how do you quality-assure this process? ( presumably your own competence and continuous professional development ought to be looked after by your own chosen training provider). 

    Many colleges and other university and HE establishments provide this kind of teaching and learning qualification at an appropriately-high level, and I suggest you approach one local to you in order to ascertain what they can offer. If you are stuck, try one of your local big work based learning providers for advice (often these are colleges anyhow) or even your local Connexions / Careers Service might signpost you. 

    As mentioned, Government-funded work based learning now has a very stringent iand thorough (some would say too much so, now!) inspection and quality assurance regime, whilst non-government-funded adult training within industry and commerce has in comparison remained largely unregulated and not so much changed.

    So, it's commendable that you seem to be moving towards making some much-overdue links between these two 'branches' of trainers.

  • Hi David - thank you for your insights! However, it is a practicable/ professional-led training I am after rather than a teaching/learning qualification.

    Hi Olivia - thanks for the recommendation! I will make an enquiry. 

  • David

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    26 Mar, 2015 16:33

    The developing Higher Apprenticeship national agenda:


    “If there is to be step-change in appetite for and recognition of Higher Apprenticeships; work-based trainers involved in supporting the progression of apprentices must experience higher-level learning themselves. Only in this way will they fully develop the skills, expertise and knowledge needed to teach and train in the workplace at higher levels”.

  • David

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    26 Mar, 2015 21:09

    Hi Jennifer

    I don't wish or mean to be terse, but if you're personally going to be involved in delivering managerial etc skills training, then I do sincerely think that you yourself should:

    '.... fully develop the skills, expertise and knowledge needed to teach and train in the workplace at higher levels”.


    - in this context, a couple of days whizz through basic 'train the trainer' stuff seems more than a little inadequate?

  • Peter

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    27 Mar, 2015 09:05

    I have to agree with David. 
    I would echo his advice that you make contact with a local educational
    establishment – ideally a Further Education College – who will be delighted to
    talk to you to help devise programmes and sessions for your staff as well as
    for you personally.
      Also, I would recommend
    the CIPD Learning and Development event in Olympia in May, which should have
    some good ideas about new training techniques that you can explore.
      Finally, I would strongly advise that you do
    not do this on your own, try to find good people to work with or at least
    someone experienced to bounce ideas off.

    Good luck
  • Lesley

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    27 Mar, 2015 14:54

    I also agree with the sentiment expressed by colleagues above.

    Just because you have a 'key deliverable' to provide training for your line managers, that doesn't mean you necessarily need to design and deliver that training entirely on your own.

    Sometimes it can be more effective to buy in the expertise you need, rather than deliver in house (and I'm not just saying this because I am an L&D consultant - even when I worked in-house, we sometimes sourced solutions from external providers). You may find that it is a better use of your time and budget to work with someone who already has that expertise. They can consult with you to understand what the business needs and can provide training which will meet that brief, leaving you free to focus on areas where you already have the skills and can add more value. 

    However, if learning and development is something you wish to get more experience of from a personal development perspective, then I may understand you wanting to take the longer approach to learn these skills yourself. You could consider signing up for the CIPD's Learning and Development diploma on a flexible learning basis to develop these skills over time, rather than taking a short train-the-trainer course.

  • David

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    28 Mar, 2015 08:18


     This is maybe overkill as regards the detail but nonetheless indicative of the changes recently accomplished in this area



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