Research into managers' experiences of running precapability procedures

I'm writing my dissertation for a Masters in Human Resource Management at Leeds Beckett University. It is an exploration of the effect that running procedures like support plans or performance improvement plans have on the managers implementing them, and, for triangulation, the impact that these processes have on the subject employee.  
I am gathering data through semi-structured interviews and an on-line questionnaire.  My sample frame is currently from a predominantly unionised background (I have support from Unison Leeds and the NASUWT), but I would like to broaden my reach to ensure greater balance in my final report; hence my posting here.  
If any of you would care to comment on my approach to this work, or take the survey questionnaire (linked below), I would be very grateful.  
All responses are completely anonymous and all disclosures will be treated in confidence.  The is also an opportunity to contribute through interview should anyone wish to add their more  personal narrative.  
My methodology and approach have received ethical approval from Leeds Beckett University.
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