Cipd qualification and cat points


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6 Jun, 2015 20:53

I have a good friend who completed her cipd qualification in 2004. She studies core management at college and then her electives through BPP Malpas. She is looking for a career change into teaching but is struggling to find out how many CAT points her cipd qualification gives her. She has tried calling CIPD but unfortunately they couldn't help. I wondered if anyone could suggest who to contact about this? 

Many thanks in advance. 

  • Keith

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    6 Jun, 2015 21:39

    The College she did core management at should be able to give her details of that and malpas for their qualification.

    I fear it may not be as many as she thinks 


  • David

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    7 Jun, 2015 10:58

    Hi Laura

     I'm not clear whether your friend is seeking exemptions from components of eg a PGCE based on CIPD qualification or just seeking to use it to satisfy the entry requirements for the PGCE.

    If it's the former, I can't think there's much if any equivalence between the two. But if it's the latter then as far as I know CAT is not too relevant - it's up to the institution running the course to decide, but as regards equivalence of qualifications, sure they'll be guided by the National Qualifications Framework. 

  • Laura

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    7 Jun, 2015 18:10

    Thank you both. Very useful indeed. My friend really appreciates your advice. 
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