HR Business Partnering - implimentation and challanges


I have do a short presentation on embedding HR business partnering into a business. I have to describe the approach I would use to achieve this and what they key challenges would be.

I understand the model etc, however I'm really struggling to think how I could achieve embedding it into a business - has anyone had experience in doing this? If so, how did you go about it. Some of the key challenges would be lack of planning, line management engagement etc, can anyone help me on some more challenges that there could be?

Thank you.

  • David

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    8 Jun, 2015 10:28

    Hi Elizabeth

    have you seen the following CIPD fact Sheet?


     - be prepared, maybe, for those (Luddites? Cynics? Realists?) who might challenge the whole concept as irrelevant and argue that all HR professionals should be driven by needs of the business. 

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