Finishing my Core Management Exams


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7 Jul, 2015 14:54

Hello All,

I've searched through and I can't find an answer to my question in previous threads so I am hoping someone can help...

I started my studies for my CIPD quite a few years ago and then stopped when I had a family.  I've been back working in an HR role now for 5 years but have never completed my qualification.

When I finished I had 2 of the core management exams left to pass then it would have been a management report.  I stopped around 2007 I think..

I'm currently an Associate CIPD member (I was a Licentiate Member before it all changed) and would like to complete my qualification.  Do any of the core management exams I did previously contribute or will I have to start again?  From looking through the website, the 2 year course that I already did back in the day looks like it may now have been replaced with the Advanced Diploma in HR Management.

Any advise will be appreciated - from what I have read I'm getting the feeling I will need to do the Advanced Diploma from the beginning to complete my qualification?  Essentially that means starting from scratch again and what I did back then doesn't count?

Many thanks


  • Emma

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    7 Jul, 2015 17:17

    Hi Cheryl

    who did you complete your previous study with? It's probably worth contacting them to find out if any of your credits are transferable onto the  current course

  • Cheryl

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    14 Jul, 2015 16:46

    In reply to Emma:

    Thanks I have done that and they are looking into this for me now.
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