A unit away from level 7 qualification

Hello all,

Just wondered if anyone has experienced this before. I am a unit away from qualifying as a old style graduate post graduate diploma, however due to complications and obstacles beyond my control I am not able to complete this with the current institution.  


My question is, can I still complete this unit (investigating a business issue from an HR perspective) with another cipd approved institution by transferring my credits to obtain 120 credits on completion?  I currently have 105 credits.  

Has anyone been in this position and how did they go about it?


Thank you 

  • Gemma

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    12 Aug, 2015 14:14

    Usually you should be able to get an exit award from your organisation or at least a transcript of what you have achieved so far.  To be on the safe side I would ask the institution you are currently studying at and the one you want to transfer to, in case there are any quirks.


  • Dean

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    13 Aug, 2015 22:24

    From researching CIPD and regular institutions on the NFQ The CIPD qualifications seem to be the same everywhere so you should be able to pick up where you left off but if you were doing a qualification from a college where their course was CIPD accredited, it may be a little harder to find so where. I've only found two colleges in Ireland that offer Opportunity to progress into a degree based on my previous CIPD studies which were 100% CIPD not on the NFQ.  

    I guess that's not much help but I think research and best thing is look into RPL too

  • Dean

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    13 Aug, 2015 22:28

    In reply to Dean:

    http://dmsireland.co.uk/ these do CIPD at a distance 
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