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Hi All,

I am due to start the Level 5 Intermediate certificate in HR Practice in September having just completed my Level 3.

Does anyone know what the recommended reading materials are for this course? I would like to give myself a head start and ease myself into it as even though my Level 3 only ended in June I seem to have fallen out of 'study mode'.

These are the modules for the course: 

  • Developing professional practice

  • Business issues and the context of human resources

  • Using Information in human resources

  • Improving organisational performance

  • Contemporary developments in employment relations

  • Organisational development

  • Knowledge management

Any suggestions will be appreciated, Not just text books but any articles, journals, websites, TED talks etc which relate to the above modules would be a great help.

Feeling the nerves now!


  • Sarah

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    13 Aug, 2015 16:13

    Hi Scarlett,

    If you PM me your email address, I will send over the reading lists from my L5 Diploma which I've completed recently. It gives essential and recommended reading.


  • Hi Sarah,

    Could you please email me the reading list for L5. I have recently started my level 5 certificate in HRM. 

    Any suggestions will be appreciated ! 

    Thanks so much!

    Kind regards,

    Vipra Jain 

  • In reply to Sarah:

    Hi Sarah
    I know it's been a year since your post but I start Level 5 in September and would appreciate the reading list/textbooks that I need please? Thanks
  • In reply to Karen :

    Hi Karen,

    If she hasn't got back to you already, PM me your e-mail address i can forward you the lists she sent to me as i have just looked and i still have them.

    Off the top of my head, the books i used most during my level 5 were:

    Studying Human resource management (Taylor and Woodhams)

    Managing People and Organisations (Taylor and Woodhams)

    Developing people and organisations (Stewart and Rogers)

    Introducing Employment Relations: A critical approach (Williams)

    I also used by Introduction to Human Resource Management : A guide to HR in practice (Leatherbarrow and Fletcher) from my level 3.
  • In reply to Scarlett :

    Hi Scarlett
    Thank you so much, my email is justbykaz@gmail.com
    I am returning to HR after 3 years teaching. I ran a HR department for 12 years with no qualifications and have also very successfully represented at Tribunal,. I have now decided that I want a formal qualification, hence why I am now enrolling for the course. All jobs now seem to want a paper qualification over experience ??
  • In reply to Sarah:

    Hi can you send me any document's you think it might be worth having too? Don't know how to PM on here though?
  • Anonymous

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    22 Nov, 2016 00:24

    In reply to Sarah:

    could you send me those materials as well, I will start my level 5 certificate cipd thanks Lidia
  • Anonymous

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    25 Jan, 2017 09:13

    In reply to Scarlett :

    Hi Scarlett

    I'm starting Level 5 in September. I have not studied for 20 years so any info on reading material etc would be a great help.

    Many thanks

  • Anonymous

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    25 Jan, 2017 12:08

    In reply to Sarah:

    kindly email at bilal.ranaa@gmail.com too.
  • Anonymous

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    29 Jan, 2017 15:37

    In reply to Karen :

    Hi Karen, I am currently doing my CIPD level 5 at present and I am struggling with it if I am completely honest. Could you possibly send me the material that you have received from Scarlett. address : Maureen_flannigan@Hotmail.co.uk, thank you in advance.
  • Anonymous

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    19 Feb, 2017 16:24

    In reply to Anonymous:

    Hi Sarah please email me the material at h.basit@hotmail.com
  • In reply to Scarlett :

    Hi Scarlett,

    This may be a long shot but I don't suppose you could send this information to me too? I start my Level 5 in September and would like to get a head start if possible! my email address is laurenjgibbons@hotmail.co.uk.

    Any help would be appreciated, if not don't worry :)

  • Good evening Scarlett, I am due to start my CIPD Level 5 Intermediate in January, did you get any good advice about reading materials for pre-course study. If so can you please send me any useful advice you got to duncan.mckee346@mod.uk, many thanks.
  • In reply to Sarah:

    Hi sarah, I have just enrolled on to this course and also would be grateful for any advice on reading materials etc thank you x
  • In reply to Abby Maglone:

    Hello Sara,
    I hope you are done your LEVEL 5
    could you please send to me the required materials which my LEVEL 3 is almost done

    my email m.almurran22@gmail.com

    Best Regards
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