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I am due to come to the end of my CIPD level 3 in December and I am keen to advance on the skills I have learnt via this and the experience I have in my current role as a coordinator.

I am a little confused with the level 5 courses as some I have looked at are over the £4000 mark whereas I have found some that are £2000? Should there be such a difference in prices when they are a certificate in HR Management?

The reason I am contemplating this now is that we are looking at budgets for next year and I am hoping that I can arrange for my employer to pay for the course as they would ideally like me to move into a management capacity in the next couple of years.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. 


  • Kevin Elvidge

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    26 Aug, 2015 22:05

    Based on this CIPD Q&A - see below -  it feels like a question for the college or organisation offering the course 

     Your chosen centre will be able to provide you with information on course fees. The cost of enrolling on the programme isn’t fixed by the CIPD and can vary from one centre to another. This can be dependent on the mode of study the centre offers, the length of the qualification and the geographical location of the centre. When it comes to studying at Advanced (Postgraduate level), most centres recognise that a Masters level qualification is an expensive investment and so usually have some flexible payment options. In addition the Gov.uk website offers information and advice on education, loans and admissions into Universities that you may find useful.

  • Thank you for that Kevin.

    Where I am studying at the moment for my level 3 is great and I wouldn't want to change centres but they unfortunately do not offer a level 5.

    I am seeing them again in a few weeks so I shall ask there opinions on furthering my skills and whether they have any recommendations I think.


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