Business Case for Studying MSc in Human Resource Management


This is my first time posting on the boards so please go easy on me.

I have just finished my CIPD Level 5 and would LOVE to go on to study MSc in Human Resource Management. I have been accepted at my local university and recently approached my company to help me fund it, the feedback from them was positive but they would like me to produce a business case on how this will benefit the company especially as we forecast tripling revenue in the next 5 years.

I have looked at the core modules and what the course plans on teaching but I have absolutely no idea how I can get this down into a business case that will look so good that they will agree to pay the course.

Just to give you some background I am a stand alone HR Manager who has been in the post for 3 years, I started as Office Manager and moved up as I studied my CIPD. (the company didn't have HR before this point so I grew as the role grew).  

Can anyone give me some guidance? 

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