Business Case for Studying MSc in Human Resource Management


This is my first time posting on the boards so please go easy on me.

I have just finished my CIPD Level 5 and would LOVE to go on to study MSc in Human Resource Management. I have been accepted at my local university and recently approached my company to help me fund it, the feedback from them was positive but they would like me to produce a business case on how this will benefit the company especially as we forecast tripling revenue in the next 5 years.

I have looked at the core modules and what the course plans on teaching but I have absolutely no idea how I can get this down into a business case that will look so good that they will agree to pay the course.

Just to give you some background I am a stand alone HR Manager who has been in the post for 3 years, I started as Office Manager and moved up as I studied my CIPD. (the company didn't have HR before this point so I grew as the role grew).  

Can anyone give me some guidance? 

  • Keith

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    8 Sep, 2015 12:03

    They aren't ( I imagine) looking for the greatest business case ever. What they are looking for is some evidence that you have thought about how your business is going to develop, how you can help in these developments and the skills that this course will give you to help those first two points that you wouldn't have had without doing it. Set this against the probably modest cost and there's your business case. People get overly worried about terms like a business case when all it means is a justification or argument for spending the cash. 

    I would have thought that given the growth plans for your organisation you can make a terrific argument for growing some talent internally. So foe example if there is a module on resourcing or talent management how can you relate the skills you will learn to your organisation to help it recruit and develop people for the future..

    Welcome to the communities. We try and go easy on most people :-)  

  • Keith

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    8 Sep, 2015 12:05

    In reply to Keith:

    Btw if you use the search facility there is a great thread that a number of stand alone people have contributed to sharing their issues around being in stand alone roles. 
  • Hello Keith,

    Thank you for your great reply. I am going to get cracking on this tomorrow!.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  • Update! I got 2/3 of the funding so off I go back to school :)
  • Keith

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    30 Sep, 2015 15:12

    Great. Well done. That's a good result. 
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