What CIPD level am I?


I graduated from university in 2009 with a Ba (Hons) Human Resource Management degree which was accredited by the CIPD. I became a Graduate member of the CIPD and this has now changed to Associate member. Over recent months I have been seeking employment and the job specifications have asked for CIPD level 5 and above. I've discussed with recruitment agents and interview panel members but neither been 100% sure whether my qualification is a level 5 or in fact higher. My question is how can I find out what level my degree equates to?  I've never been asked this prior to this year so I'm not sure if it is more of a recent development or something that used to be asked that employers still like to ask. Either way I'd like to know so if I'm asked again I can be confident with my answer. 

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance


  • Nicola

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    23 Sep, 2015 10:11

    Hi Helen

    I did the intermediate certificate which was a level 5, the CIPD website states that this is set at undergraduate level, so hopefully that gives you an idea.


  • http://www.cipd.co.uk/qualifications/about-cipd-qualifications.aspx 

    quick google and found this, hope it helps. 

  • You're level 6... Its simply nqf / eqf graded. CIPD doesn't provide their own level 6 qualification it seems, but an accredited degree is level 6 and thus there is the simple answer.
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