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hi all

I'm about to do the level 3 human resource practice course and will be doing it online,could someone please tell me what modules are best to do.

many thanks

tony elsden


  • Hi Tony,

    I'm currently studying this online myself. It depends which areas you'd like to focus on and what you would like to progress with career-wise. The units I am studying were selected by the course provider to cover as wide a scope as possible.

    The unit's I'm studying are:
    *4DEP - Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner (already completed - a great introduction to the HR profession, outlining all relevant areas and forming a development plan)
    *3DEL - Delivering Learning and Development Activities (currently studying - involves delivering a 30 minute training session at a workshop)
    *3HRC - Understanding Organisations & the role of Human Resources
    *3RAI - Recording and Analysing Information
    *3RTO - Resourcing Talent
    *3PRM - Supporting Good Practice in Performance & Reward Management

    Good luck with the course!

  • Hi Tony,

    I study a level 5 course myself and assuming you are going to study a CIPD accredited course, I believe the modules are fixed and you can only choose to study for a certificate or a diploma which provides 2-3 extra modules.

    I looked at several providers and all provided the same core modules for certificate and diploma.

    Good luck with your studies.

  • In reply to Mathew Dixon:

    Hi Mathew.
    Congratulations to complete the 4DEP I'm doing the level 3 and I think this particular module is hard.

    Good studies.
  • In reply to Mathew Dixon:

    hi mate thanks for all that .
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