What now following Diploma in HRM??


I have recently been asked if I would like to progress with a CIPD qualification, 2 years after I completed my Level 5 HRM Diploma.

I would like to but really don't know what route to take. I've done the Level 5....which was hard but I got it done, but the Level 7 seems to be more of a strategic HR Director route....which I'm way off being.

At the moment I'm a HR Officer dealing with the day to day side of recruitment rather than any general HR practice and I think that my employer is planning ahead in the hope that I can replace someone coming up to retirement age in a few years time. I feel like I have lost a lot of the knowledge gained from the Level 5 due to my employer not being able to provide enough exposure to generalist HR work.

Looking at the Level 7 qualifications they all look quite strategic but I'm stuck in a dilemma where I cant really afford to pass up the opportunity when my employer willing to pay full CIPD fees but will a level 7 be too much???

Has anybody got any suggestions or alternative courses in or around Lancashire?


  • Emma

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    10 Dec, 2015 15:38

    Hi Marc

    I took my PG Dip and MSc at Salford University when I was an HR Officer. I didn't find either course too strategic although I was a generalist which meant that I had some practical experience of everything covered by the course
  • Keith

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    10 Dec, 2015 21:09

    I think few HR Directors do a level 7 course. Most people doing then are HR Managers / officers / HRBPs. If you have the time then go for it.
  • Sarah

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    11 Dec, 2015 15:03

    Hi Marc

    I did my L5 Diploma at University of Central Lancashire and I am currently doing my PgDip there too. The content is quite strategic but I feel this is based more around the academic side; knowing the main key theorists etc. I will admit that I find it difficult from time to time because I am not really an academic person (nor really am I really interested), but I find the tutors are very supportive and the group also shares their ideas and experience which helps to break it down into manageable bits. I was apprehensive about starting the L7 because the L5 was a struggle (it's condensed into 12 months) but the L7 is two years, so the modules are a bit more spread out. If you have the time, I would go for it.
    Also, I really would recommend UCLAN as a place to study - it's got great facilities and the tutors on the course know their stuff.

    Hope this helps!
  • Richard

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    16 Dec, 2015 14:08

    Hi Marc
    I would go for the Level 7 Diploma. It prepares you for roles in the future as well as now and could lead to Chartered CIPD membership. In addition you can potentially top it up with a Masters.
    Good Luck!
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