Should I study Level 5 or Level 7 or Level after MBA (HR) from India ?

Dear All,

I completed Fulltime MBA in HR from India (2 years course) and have been in the UK for last 5 years but because of maternity breaks, I have unfortunately stayed away from Job. Prior to that, I worked for 3 years in India and Japan with international companies. 

I would like to get back to the job market, and for that i was thinking of pursuing a CIPD qualification but I am a bit confused as to what is the right level for me - Is it Level 5 or Level 7 ? 

As I read on CIPD website, They both take almost 1.5-2 years to complete - with my earlier MBA qualification, are there any chances that I could do it possibly in an years time ? 

Does CIPD give any counseling which can help me ?

I am going to be self funding CIPD qualification and its naturally a lot of money and time commitment hence the anxiety to make sure that I take the right decision. 

Many thanks for reading this.



  • James

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    30 Dec, 2015 13:12

    What would the purpose of a CIPD qualification be? If you are wanting to be 'qualified' you already have an MBA in Human Resource Management and are able to apply for Associate, Chartered or Fellow membership.

    You note that you want to get back into the jobs market - my advice would be to jump back in! Get some hands on useful experience to compliment what you have already accomplished.

    I see little point in an additional vocational qualification which is ultimately work less credits. Qualifications on there own will not make you employable.

    In my mind.... Knowledge + Experience of applying this = Greater employability
  • Keith

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    30 Dec, 2015 15:28

    In reply to James:

    I am not sure an MBA will enable you to apply for professional status
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