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4 Jan, 2016 21:44

Hi All,

I'm currently in my second year of my Level 7 HRM and am this month retaking both my HRM in Context and LMP exams after a not very successful first try.

I was looking for anyone who may be also taking either of these exams this month and who would be interested in buddying up to share some ideas etc. 2 minds are better than 1 they say!

Any support would be much appreciated. 

Thanks, Sam

  • Hi Samantha! Maybe a bit late but if you are still looking for someone to buddy up I'm interested!!! My email is Maryanne. Raasch@gmail.com
    Look forward to hearing from you
  • Hi Samantha! Again, I may be a bit late but I would love someone to buddy up with. I'm based in Dubai but doing Level 7 CIPD with ICS and haven't sat my exams yet. gemmaliannejones@gmail.com
    Hope to speak soon
  • Hi Samantha, hope you exams went well eventually? I am taking my exams next month - in May. Let me know if you still have to re-take the exams and maybe we can share some ideas. Thank you
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    Hi Klaudia!
    I'm also sitting the exam in may and would love to catch up with someone before that. Let me know if you are interested? Thanks
  • In reply to Gemma Jones:

    Hi Gemma, I done my PgD with ICS they're pretty good. Just curious, sorry its of topic, but what is the job prospects like at the moment in Dubai for HRM?
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    12 Dec, 2016 17:25

    In reply to Gemma Jones:

    Hi Gemma,

    I too live in Dubai and am thinking of completing my Level 7 with ICS, do you mind if I email you directly to get your view on the course from a distance learning perspective.

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    10 Jan, 2017 08:31

    In reply to Anonymous:


    I am planning to get enrolled in Level 7 HRM with ICS . Do I have to buy any additional books apart from the course materials of ICS?

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    10 Jan, 2017 09:25

    In reply to Anonymous:

    You have to in order to complete all the assignment's. Or at least make sure you have easy access to a library where you can find all the relevant literature. I completed my diploma level 7 in December and it required reading and using a lot of literature which was additional to the materials provided by ICS. good luck with your studies! !
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    10 Jan, 2017 09:27

    In reply to Maryanne:

    I am so sorry I never got back to you Marianne. Hope your exam went well ? I passed both and managed to complete all level 7 diploma in December - such a relief :-) good luck !
  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Hi, I know that I am responding to an old post, but I'd really appreciate an opportunity to engage with you with a question or two, as I too am in DXB and considering an L7 Dip (ICS Learn). May I please PM you if you monitor responses to your post? Many thanks, Kevin
  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Hi Charmaine, I know I'm resonding to an oldish post, but I'm also in DXB and considering an L7 through ICS. On the off chance that you monitor replies to your post and see this reply of mine, is there a way that I could PM you, as I'd value your inputs relating to a question or two that I've been pondering. Many thanks, Kevin
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