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just wondering - I am wanting to do some research on a position we are having trouble filling, and thought about going online to do some CV Searching but wanted to know if there were any that are recommended - happy to pay for it, just hoping someone could share their experiences? a bit nervous as the last time I did this the CV's were really out of date and the information I was trying to get proved useless!

  • Ellie

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    20 Mar, 2017 08:17

    Hi Rachel,
    Indeed CV is great for me as you don't need to pay to access CVs in the first place and then only pay for who you contact (at £1 per person). I haven't tried the others but search LinkedIn too.
    An Agency we have worked with have found us some people we weren't able to find ourselves with Reed CV so that could also work for you.
    Good luck!
  • In reply to Ellie:

    Thanks Ellie - pretty much where I was looking, I expect there is always the hazard the CV's are out of date etc

    Appreciate your reply - thanks again

    Have a good day
  • Sam

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    20 Mar, 2017 12:29

    In reply to Rachel Coupland:

    Will second Indeed CV search. Has been quite helpful to see the people that fit your position, and also importantly how recently they updated their candidate profile on Indeed.
  • Luis

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    20 Mar, 2017 16:19

    I've used the Linkedin recruiter account and always got good search results. Make sure your company page on Linkedin is up to date and looks decent though. Candidates will be looking it up after you approach them.

    Also in my experience their salary expectations are higher if you approach them as opposed to them applying themselves, unless you are a well known organisation they want to work for.

    You can try a recruitment agent if you're really stuck. No need to go with the big ones like Hays, I've had good success with the smaller ones.
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