OU Credit Transfer

I have recently completed the Level 5 Certificate in HR Management and miss the academic process of study.  Does anyone know how many credits the OU give for this qualification, against a degree course?  Alternatively, can anyone suggest other ways of upgrading what is essentially a foundation degree? 

Many thanks, Linda

  • Steven

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    13 Sep, 2017 22:42

    Linda, I would contact the OU and see what they say
  • David

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    14 Sep, 2017 07:42

    Hi Linda

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    Think it depends entirely for what particular purpose / course of study you want to upgrade your NQF Level 5. Available options will vary enormously, depending on the particular course and policies of the institution running it. For example, it won't get you much exemption from components of say an honours degree in say Msrketing but might get you a biggish head start in an honours degree in HR Management or similar.
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