Level 5 Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

Hi All

Currently working towards my Diploma and on the last but one assignment which is the above, can anyone give me some pointers on where to find useful sources of reference as I am really struggling with this one.  We have been asked to use the GROW, STAR models of coaching/mentoring as the basis of the reference but I am at a loss as to where to start, feel like I have lost my mojo over the summer with study!

Any help or advice on how to nail this one would  be very much appreciated. 


  • Hi Lynsey
    I have been in the same situation having recently done my Level 5. I found that for reference the best book for me was The Coaching Manual by Julie Starr, she also has a youtube channel (starr consulting) with lots of great videos and tips for coaching. Another good book I found was First Steps in Coaching by Bob Thomson, this lays things out really simply and clearly which is great for getting your head around the concepts. I have developed quite a few resources for coaching that I'm happy to share, let me know if I can help
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